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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Donald Trump Brandishes Red Card During Meeting With FIFA President.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino met Donald Trump in the Oval Office to discuss the 2026 World Cup, to be hosted by the US alongside Canada and Mexico.

Infantino presented the American president with a personalised shirt and even brought red and yellow cards.

Trump appeared to enjoy playing with the props and the duo seemed to be getting along well in the meeting.

Infantino joked that Trump might find the cards useful when dealing with the press, a comment the republican appeared to enjoy.

The FIFA president believes the World Cup in eight years time will be the biggest sporting event in history.

There is no chance Trump will be in office in 2026 even if he wins a second term in office but the president quipped that maybe it could be extended.

‘So let’s see, 2026. I won’t be here. I won’t be here. Maybe they’ll extend the term,’ the president said, referencing the 22nd Amendment,’ he said.

Trump called Infantino, who stepped in after the corruption scandals under prior president Seth Blatter, a ‘highly respected man.’ He also spoke about what the game is called.

‘Soccer is a game, I guess you call it football. But over here, maybe at some point they’ll change the name, I’m not sure.

‘But we’ll see. It’s working very well either way. But I just want to thank Gianni Infantino for being here. He is the president of FIFA and a highly respected man,’ the president said.



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