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Friday, July 20, 2018


Dear Governor, permit me to use this medium to commend you for the expected conduct of the Local Government Chairmanship and Ward Councillorship elections in Imo State that will take place eight days from today. It would be out of place however if I fail to state that Imolites, including me, had wished these elections were conducted earlier before now, maybe in your first tenure, but we have been all calmed by the saying "it is better late than never". Let me now confine myself to the nitty gritty of this letter which I believe is in no small measure of interest to you and Imo people in general. 

Your Excellency, the news in town of alleged plans by your government to impose Councillors and Local Government Chairmen through a stage managed secret poll is to say the least worrisome. You will agree with me that from the day you announced few months ago that elections into the various Wards and Local Government councils will be held this July, political parties (though few) started preparing for the polls. These political parties, especially the African Democratic Congress (ADC), joined the ruling All Progressive Congress, your party, to field candidates for the upcoming elections. Candidates of ADC have been campaigning and preparing for the exercise with strong conviction that the election is for Imo people, irrespective of the political party they belong. 

Sir, without sounding immodest, it is important I remind you that one of the major reasons why so many other political parties decided to boycott the election is not unconnected with the wide speculation that the election will be manipulated and stage managed by your administration to favour only APC candidates, without recourse to the choice of the people. I do not want to believe it but if the information flying around that your party has allegedly perfected plans to alter the arrangement for the councillorship election, by deciding to conduct the election secretly on Friday, July 27, is to be trusted, then those who do not believe that your administration will conduct, support and supervise free and fair polls, are vindicated. This is an integrity test for you and I want to assure you that Imo people, especially those at the grassroot are watching and taking note. 

Your Excellency, the grand commander of free Education, the best thing you could do in order not to lose the trust of the masses, especially in the rural areas is to ensure that your administration in collaboration with ISIEC conducts a free, fair and credible election come Saturday next week. You should make sure that Imo people should be allowed to choose their Councillors and Local Government Chairmen no matter the political party he or she belongs to. This way, justice, fairness and rule of law, all of which I know you stand for, will prevail. 

Sir, as the Chief Security Officer of our dear Imo State, I know that the peace of the state is of interest to you, therefore it is my expectation that you wouldn't be part of anything that will put the peace and decorum enjoyed in Imo today into jeopardy. 

My warm regards as you Keep making Imo better. 

Yours Faithfully,
Anselam Obiaku 
(ADC Councillorship Candidate 
Amato-Amaraku Aut. Comm.)



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