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Friday, July 13, 2018

Imo: The voice of Olu Owerri in the impeachment saga of deputy governor

Communiqué signef and issued by OLU Owerri Unity Association on the unsavoury and unwanted impeachment move on the Deputy Governor of Imo state, Prince Madumere and suspension of 5 Honourable Members by the State House of Assembly.
Date: 12th July, 2018.

Theme: IMO: Seating On The Keg Of Gun Powder

Gentlemen of the press, Imo State is about exploding because of the undemocratic, inordinate and provocative actions of the Governor as well as the induced activities of the Imo State House of Assembly led by Rt. Hon. Acho Ihim, and Olu Owerri, the apex socio-cultural organization of owerri zone hereby raise an alarm that the style of governance of the Imo State Governor, Chief Rochas Okorocha and his desperation to install his son in-law as successor will trigger a revolt very soon if nothing is done urgently.

2. We want the world to know that the elastic limit of the patience of the good people of Imo State has been exhausted, it is unfortunate that the President of Nigeria, the National Assembly, the Security Agencies and the International Community is keeping quiet while the institutions of democracy is being desecrated by a man who rose to power by goodwill of the common masses.

 3. For the second time in seven years, the people of Owerri Zone are about witnessing the impeachment of two of our sons whose only sin is serving the State as Deputy Governors under Governor Rochas Okorocha.

4.  We want to inform the world that by the records available to us, the Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prince Madumere Eze has not been personally served the notice of his impeachment as stipulated by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeri. We also state here that Prince Madumere is innocent of all the trumped up allegations against him by the induced Imo State House of Assembly.

5. We place it on record that prince Eze Madumere has never been imprisoned by any Court within or outside Nigeria and therefore, he is not an ex-convict as being peddled by the House.

Also, we confirm that the allegations that Prince Madumere absconded from his duties as the Deputy Governor of Imo State is false and intended to call the dog a bad name to hang it .

The only offence of Prince Madumere is his decision to stand on the side of his people, Owerri Zone, on the 2019 Imo Governorship.

*  His sin is that he told the governor that he is contesting for the governorship ticket of their party, the All Progressive Congress (APC) which the governor promised Owerri Zone when he sought their support in 2011 and 2015  but has now reneged.

* His sin is that he joined the men and women of conscience in the APC Imo State to challenge the governor on his ordinate ambition of installing his son in-law who comes from the from the Governors Zone that has held power in Imo for sixteen years since 1999.

* These are the sins of the Deputy Governor. This is why he must be blackmailed and impeached after all the support to his boss.

These are also part of the sins of the five (5) suspended members of the House who are heroes of the masses today. We make bold to say to you and the whole world today that God is not sleeping.

 6.  We inform the Governor that Madumere is not alone. We stand with him. We stand with all the members of the house who were suspended because of their stand for the Truth.

We are aware of the inordinate and devilish moves to hound down the Deputy Governor at all cost. We also alert the Chief Judge of Imo state, Justice Nnadi of the vigilance of the Imo people as he begins the constitutional provision of investigating the above allegations against an innocent man when he is properly served by the House of Assembly. We urge him to make a name for himself and the judiciary by resisting all intimidations and inducements.

Having said all these, we have studied the trend in the State and consulted the good people of Imo State and Owerri zone in particular on the recent events and it is the opinion of majority of our people in owerri zone that the Deputy Governor should resign from the Rochas Okorocha led Government without further delay while waiting to be served the notice of his impeachment by the IMHA personally as his continued association with the governor is a negative stigma. We are certain that his innocence will be proved and the compromised House members put to shame in this their latest haket job.

We hereby inform the Governor that the Owerri Zone Governorship project 2019 is divine and will be pursued to a successful and logical conclusion. It is the turn of owerri zone to produce the next governor of Imo State.

Thank You and May God bless you.

Chief Martin Opara
President General

Barr Sylvester Nwogu
Secretary General.



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