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Friday, July 13, 2018

'Glory to Ukraine,' Croatian defender who shouted Glory to Ukraine in jarring joke after win over Russia now apologies

Domagoj Vida apologised for his random comments he made against Russia and for supporting  Russia's neighbour and adversary, Ukraine. He gave his apologies after their victory over England on Wednesday. During live interview with Rossiya 24 state TV channel late on Wednesday the defender accepted his mistake and apologised to Russian people.
He was heavily booed by Russian fans on Wednesday during the semi final game.
FIFA ruled has said that Vida comments captured on video were not in line with tournament rules about political neutrality and had its disciplinary committee issued a formal warning to the defender. Meanwhile, Ognjen Vukojevic, a member of Croatia’s coaching staff who appeared in the video with Vida, was fired from his role with the national team.
On a related note FIFA is set to properly look into the banner of Ustasha,  Croatian Revolutionary Movement, (racist and fascist group) displayed during Croatia and Nigeria match. 


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