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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Gele: The Advert of Autogel; has it Replaced the Conventional Gele tying?

Gele as generally known is part of the full traditional attire of an African woman. Social appearances, especial Owanbes are not complete without the pop of different colours, style and pattern of Geles. Some women like it simple, some like it bold, while others like it controversial;  any of those ways, African women just want to be looking mature, yet elegent in their Gele.

However, Gele lovers just go through one problem, which is finding it difficult to tie the crown like head gear in a professional and crafty way. This means that for every event that probably comes up every weekend, a woman who loves tying Gele must use the service of a professional Gele handler that is good at the craft of tying it. African women have fine through this for many years of Owanbes, but recently, Autogele came into existence.
Autogele as the name implies is an automatic head gear that has been pleated and tacked together, in order to ease the stress of sitting in front of a mirror for hours, putting futile Gele tying to shame, also saving the cost of having to call a Gele stylist all the time. 
So, will the Autogele replace the tying of Gele? Maybe. Maybe with more affordability, it would replace it.
Though, people who strictly live on a budget have complained that the Autogele is quite expensive, hence less affordable, but, some brands make it price friendly  so that an average African woman can own one. One of these brands is Autogelebyfeyisola.
"Gele o dun bi ka mo nwe" as Lagbaja sang in his can only be fun when you know how to tie the Gele. But, with Autogele, the fun is more, and the worry is less.




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