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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

After 10 years, a man recognised self in fiancée's childhood beach photo

Mirand proposed to her  in Turkey
Verona Koligi was amazed to found out that her fiancé and her had shared a 10 year-old beach picture after their engagement in Turkey. Verona who shared her childhood picture with fiancé was dumbfounded when he clearly told her that that he was the boy in the photo background. 
The picture was later confirmed by  his family who affirmed that they had gone to the same beach and at the same time.  
What's odd about this is that she was visiting from London at the time, and he was visiting from Kosovo.

Beach picture, Montenegro
Quote from her:
"I never knew something like this could happen, even though I've heard a saying: 'You will have passed your soulmate at least once way before you actually meet up."
Both of them found out again that they love blue colour.

When love happens!



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